How to stay optimistic when everything is awful!

This is yet another article that shows us that the well-being of employees' is rooted in their sense of purpose, their participation in making things happen and feeling connected. All to often, companies tend to turn towards innovation or other transformations to the organization or the product they offer. But what if the management shifted the focus on their human ressources and establish stronger connections with their employees instead?

Boosting people's morale first, keeping them optimistic and helping them maintain their positive mindset is what makes the difference today.

Studies have shown that declining job satisfaction goes hand in hand with physical health and mental well-being. Emotional exhaustion has been increasing exponentially even if people might be in possession of attributes that can predict well-being such as stable family backgrounds, stable relationships, good income and secure employment... and this has led to the "soon-to-be taboo" given term: burn out.

We have talked about emotional connection from consumers, and how that drives business, thanks to brand loyalty. As a company this is what you should aim for, emotional connection from employees and be that positive agent for your employees.

Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review on how to stay optimistic !

How to Stay Optimistic (When Everything
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