Support one another through our daily challenges.

Lady Boss Club

The Lady Boss Club has been created in the aim of gathering young women and female-preneurs in Geneva to support one another through our daily challenges.

There are many groups and communities out there, but what I really want to bring here is the inclusion and the togetherness between each member. We are women and we are friends that will keep lifting each other up, and sharing this journey together to remove that feeling of alone-ness and the fear of not belonging.

We will also be promoting small businesses launched by women and give shout-outs to their achievements. Like I mentioned, we are all about the support and togetherness ;)

So reach out to me if you would like to become a part of the Lady Boss Club, if you would like to organise an event or provide your ideas, click in the link below!

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Do you want to be more confident?

Every woman needs to feel good in her skin and to know that she is capable to set goals in her life and reach them

The Lady Boss Coaching Programme offers 12 weekly sessions in small groups of 4 ladies. Throughout the programme, we will be working on your assertiveness, gaining back your confidence and learn to stand up for your ideas, your convictions with grace, without ever having to inflict a single conflict. 

You will learn to dance with your emotions so you can become as strong and emotionally independent as you want to be.


Click below if this is what you want!


The Lady Boss Club Coaching Programme