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I'm Lyly !

I have joined Life in Balance Careers Community after having been certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2020 as a Wellness Coach, and I deliver their successful YB12 program with the aim to help people overcome their fears, doubts, weaknesses so they can believe in themselves again and to help them put in action all of the things they have envisioned to do in their lives. 

I work with over twenty clients in small groups or on individual basis internationally (Europe, Middle East, Australia). The most important part of my work consists of working with women who wish to join in groups to challenge themselves, improve their leadership skills and enforce their emotional resilience.

What is Emotional Resilience? 

We navigate through life, taking in the highs and lows. This can lead us to feeling overwhelmed or in complete loss of control when facing all these life challenges. Becoming emotionally resilient is learning to navigate with different emotions, be it happiness, anger, fear, anxiety... to be the version of ourselves and reach our full potential. We can manage our relationships better, become more productive professionally, have better clarity in life simply by understanding what we truly feel and what triggers those feelings. 

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My journey to becoming a Coach

From very early on, my relationship with people was always about empowering them and pushing them to reach higher - be it with family or friends. After exploring various careers in the corporate world, I finally found my calling when I became first a Yoga Teacher in 2018. I had gone to Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga, then became a certified Wellness Coach in 2020 to level up what I can bring to people. 


I strongly believe in this path as a Coach, because I can help you fights off all that has been holding you back in your life. To help you express your passion, find your purpose in everything that you do and and help you find your balance again because you have prioritised everything else but yourself for too long.

My journey as a wellness coach started with me working on overcoming my own life challenges. I had gone through emotional burn-out, almost a depression and had to learn self-love all the way throughout. It isn't as simple as one might think, but it is possible to overlook what are to us problems in life, it takes courage to navigate with negative emotions. This is why I want to help people gain emotional resilience, because whatever it is we want to achieve: a healthier lifestyle, understanding your emotions, becoming more successful in your career or start finding the spark in your daily lives again... it all starts with how strongly you want to make changes. 

Change is only hard when you have to do it alone.